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The Incubator is the umbrella for a group of courses in Personal Development!

It was created to strengthen and sharpen people in every area of life-spirit-soul-body-finances-emotional health and the list goes on. Dr K is a pastor and transformation coach with 30+ years of experience assisting people who really want to grow! Her students and clients go on to live their dream lives, create their dream jobs and find fulfillment and happiness!

Our Community

We build lasting relationships in The Incubator Community

In The Incubator, students become family no matter what course they take. The camaraderie, support and team work lead to unimaginable gains!

Here you will find a vast representation in age and ethnicity. Incubator students come from several countries and represent the learning years (0-30) the earning years (31-60) and returning years of 61 plus. Retired people who join the Incubator are not retired for long. They gain a second wind and a new perspective and purpose on life beyond retirement.


The Incubator is the umbrella for a group of courses in Personal Development! It was created by Dr. Karen Bethea and it consists of courses that strengthen and sharpen people in every area of life-spirit-soul-body-finances-emotional health and the list goes on. Dr K is a pastor and transformation coach with 30+ years of experience assisting people who want to grow!

"Initially I was a little skeptical about taking the class, however my wife was excited therefore I decided to give it a try. Happy wife happy life! I'm extremely glad that I took the class. It was like a spiritual awakening within me. It reinforced what I had strayed away from in my life. It made me regain my focus, and reconnect my personal relationship with GOD. One of the most important concepts I gained from the class is FEAR. Fear is just a lack of information and the right information will make you eat fear for lunch. Thank you, and GOD bless you"

Dr. K Robert, North Carolina

"Taking the class was like a breath of fresh air. From week 1 you were activated to take responsibility for your life, being guided step by step, and knowing the benefits and the consequences. When I came on the course I knew what my purpose was, however learning the stage what I am in now, has enabled me to be far more settled and it has alleviated so many of my questions. I can now stay in the present which is so peaceful. My calling is unique to me and I understand the level and depth at which God is dealing with me now. I cannot wait to see his manifested will in my life - it is imminent. Blessings to you over and over again"

 Sarah, United Kingdom

"Awesome teachers! Me and my wife took the Home improvement course, and we love it. I said love, not loved because we still use a lot of the methods we learned in the class daily. The class was extremely beneficial to the growth of our marriage. You get the experience and wisdom of a 40 year couple with a real world modern day perspective of love, family, and marriage. If your looking to strengthen, maintain, or restore your marriage, or just want to add to a good marriage this class is for you!"

Mark, Maryland

"“The Incubator” is a dynamic and transformative experience that is presented within a nurturing, safe, and like-minded community. Each weekly encounter offers a holistic and introspective perspective that recreates a greater sense of God-driven purpose, unimaginable potential, and the essence of embracing life more fully. The personal development that flourishes, from this participation, is invaluable, unforgettable, and long-lasting.""

Paulette, Maryland

"I highly recommend The Incubator experience! I’m rediscovering God’s will and purpose for my life. It’s never too late. Each session will push you to your next level of faith in God and build upon who God says you are in Him. Listen, take some time and invest in you and your walk with God. I’m so thankful to be apart of The Incubator. I’ve been blessed by everyone in my sessions. Dr. Karen is transparent and she cares. She designed this class so that every who takes it know how to embrace Living In Full Expectations. God bless you!"

Tina, Maryland

"If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, know what the will of God is for your life, The Incubator class is for you. Dr. K is a life coach who has a heart for the people of God to thrive and grow spiritually in the Lord. This class is thought provoking and challenges you to think outside of the box. It will encourage and equip you for your spiritual journey and destiny."

Rhonda, Bermuda

"I need to fulfill my purpose and have known this for a while. After not feeling fulfilled in my career I asked God, "What should I be doing with all that you have given me because this can't be my last stop." On cue came Dr. K and the Incubator and I am now walking out my steps on the way to purpose and fulfillment."

Antoine, North Carolina

"The Incubator is an eye opening and thought provoking class. It is allowing me to change my perspective on life. I was hurt, betrayed, and always put everyone’s happiness or goals before mine. I know God has more in store for me, but I didn’t know how to tap into it. I want my today to be better than my yesterday while knowing that my tomorrow is filled with endless possibilities. The Incubator has assisted in me discovering that. Thanks Dr. K"

JoVonne, Maryland


Therapists help you resolve  the pain of your past, while Life  Coaches help you unpack the potential of  your future. Dr. K is gifted in stirring up, motivating and unpacking parts of her clients that they didn’t realize existed.

Let Dr. K assist you as you go in a different direction and upgrade your life from busy to purpose!

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