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with the Betheas

A six week online master class for engaged and married couples to strengthen your marriage and relationships!


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A few years ago I felt empty inside and unfulfilled. I wondered why I was even here and what I was born to do. I went to work every day unfulfilled until I went to a meeting and heard the word “Destiny” for the first time. I didn’t know there was a plan for my life! Something ignited inside of me.

Learn the skills to increase intimacy.

Gain the tools to build stronger communication.

Identify the factors that hinder your connection.

Are you each others’ best friend?

Learn how to support one another’s dreams.

Renew your vows and hit the r.e.s.e.t button!

Meet the Betheas

  • Married for 39 years
  • Have raised 3 children and have 3 grandchildren
  • Traveled to all 50 states and all 7 continents
  • Have helped thousands improve and heal their relationships
  • Have successfully mastered what makes a relationship work
  • Have experienced the highs and lows of marriage and have remained faithful
  • Have assisted many with getting their marriages and relationships back on track
  • He is a certified life coach
  • She is a certified mental health coach

Gain the TOOLS to build a stronger RELATIONSHIP!

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