About Women Who Soar

The Women Who Soar is a traveling Women’s Conference. This group of female clergy were led of the Holy Ghost to come together in the early part of 2009 to form a conference for women that would travel from place to place strengthen, encourage, uplift, and empower women. They have an emphasis on making sure that these conferences are edifying and affordable.

The Women Who Soar have ministered in the following places since their inception:
Toronto, Canada | Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Windsor, Connecticut | Berlin, Germany | Albany, NY | Greensboro, North Carolina | Hamilton, Bermuda | Chicago, Illinois | Nashville, Tennessee | Milton Keynes, England | Baltimore, Maryland | Seattle/Tacoma, Washington | France | Spain | Rome | Israel

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WWS Empowers women to
  • walk closely with the Lord
  • obtain healthy self esteem
  • make healthy life choices
  • become financially independent
  • become physically fit
  • overcome life's obstacles
"Women Who Soar conferences and preachers have been life changers for me. Helping meto be fearless, more faithful, and to embrace the turning point to my transformation andtransition. I have made new sisters in Christ from all over the world and I can't wait to attend again for year 4 in Baltimore 2016!'
Angie T
"As a single mom, the struggle gets real alot...lol. there have been times when I wanted to give up, but attending WWS and hearing all the dynamic woman of God preach, I always leave motivated, strengthened, encouraged, and ready to SOAR!! Dr. Erica reminded me who's I am, and reading Testimonies of Overcomers by the WWS has made me realize that quitting is not an option!!"
Cheryl S.


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